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BRANDNA Magazine, the first and only brand magazine in Indonesia that talk mainly about brand and branding. Our articles are ranging from consumer's perception about the brand, the making of the brand, the brand platform after brand was created until the psychological and legal aspect of the brand. We deliver the detailed information about brand with different point of view.
Our dream is to raise up the term of 'brand/branding' in this marketing era in Indonesia.

As a brief, BRANDNA magazine is a bimonthly print magazine. The target readers (by demographic) is come from SES AB+, academic community, professional in marketing/brand/advertising/design graphic (description by task: marketing manager, product manager, brand manager, CEO/Director from all industry from food & beverages, pharmacy, automotive, financial, until retail services industry). By psychographic, is professional/practitioners who believe in the power of brand in doing their business and looking for the information about brand to make decision regards on their jobs.
BRANDNA articles supported by academic community, local and multinational brand consultant who have same interest to raise up the term of 'brand/branding'.

The offer and how to apply:
Fulltime/Parttime Brand Journalist

If you're fresh graduate or experienced, if writing is one of your skills, if you have a depth understanding about what the brand is and what the brand stand for, if you have a depth analyze about the growth and the future of the brand, and the most important things you have passion about 'brand' itself, 

Please send your detailed and comprehensive resume with current photograph to : and write in 500 words (in English/Bahasa) any subject about brand
(Before September 20, 2011)

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