Recipe: Tasty Colorful Chocolate Doughnuts With Pancake Mix & Silken Tofu

Colorful Chocolate Doughnuts With Pancake Mix & Silken Tofu.

You can have Colorful Chocolate Doughnuts With Pancake Mix & Silken Tofu using 6 ingredients and 19 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Colorful Chocolate Doughnuts With Pancake Mix & Silken Tofu

  1. Prepare 200 grams of 〇 Pancake mix.
  2. Prepare 150 grams of 〇 Silken Tofu.
  3. It’s 2 tbsp of 〇 Light Brown Sugar.
  4. Prepare 1/2 tsp of 〇 Baking Powder.
  5. Prepare 50 grams of approx Chocolate.
  6. Prepare 1 of Rainbow Sprinkles.

Colorful Chocolate Doughnuts With Pancake Mix & Silken Tofu instructions

  1. Wrap the tofu in paper towels and remove and excess water. Add all of the 〇 ingredients together in a bowl..
  2. Using a rubber spatula, crumble the block of tofu while mixing everything together. If it's difficult to mix, mix by hand..
  3. Mix it all together until it's no longer floury..
  4. Transfer the dough to a flour dusted working surface, form the dough into a ball..
  5. Roll out the dough till it's 2 cm thick..
  6. Cut the dough with a doughnut cutter. To prevent the dough from sticking to the cutter, coat the inside of the cutter with some flour and you'll be safe..
  7. Once you are done cutting, arrange the dough on top of a piece of parchment paper. With the left over dough, reform the dough into a ball, roll it out, and then cut it again..
  8. Fry them in oil in a frying pan at 170°C to 180°C until golden brown..
  9. Flip them over and do the same till they are golden brown..
  10. Place them on paper towels to drain the excess oil from them..
  11. They are delicious as is! These tofu doughnuts are quite healthy plain..
  12. Instead of just regular doughnuts, take a decently sized bowl and put some chocolate in it. Next place that bowl in some 60℃ water and melt the chocolate. Be careful not to accidentally get water in it!.
  13. Once the chocolate has melted, mix well with a spoon and it's done. Leave the bowl in the water. It's time to coat the doughnuts with the chocolate..
  14. Take a doughnut in your hand and lay it horizontally on top of the chocolate. Coat it so about 1/3 of the doughnut is coated. Then take it out of the chocolate..
  15. Once you take it out of the bowl, very gently turn it over. Now, without having any chocolate drip off, let it harden as is on a cooling rack..
  16. If there are any bubbles on the chocolate, use a toothpick to pop them and mix it with the surrounding chocolate. The chocolate doughnuts are ready!.
  17. I you want to then coat the doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles, before they have cooled, put some sprinkles in a spoon. Pinch the sprinkles with your fingers and then carefully sprinkle them on..
  18. Let them cool for about 1 hour at room temperature and once the chocolate has cooled, they are ready!.
  19. This is what is looks like on the inside. The tofu makes it very fine and smooth. It's moist and slightly sweet. These tofu and chocolate doughnuts are delicious!.

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