Recipe: Yummy Dalagona coffee

Dalagona coffee. This is a video on how to make Dalgona coffee recipe which recently became very famous on Tik Tok. Coffee will literally cure-all and let's not forget how aesthetic it is!! Find out how to make the viral Tiktok whipped coffee: Dalgona Coffee!

It was my sister who actually first introduced this to me as she had. Firstly, Instant coffee-Any brand of instant coffee is fine to use in the recipe,I used Nescafe. Sugar-To get the perfect consistency of the whipped coffee cream sugar is the main ingredient. You can have Dalagona coffee using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Dalagona coffee

  1. Prepare 3 tbsp of instant cofee.
  2. It’s 3 tbsp of sugar.
  3. It’s 3 tbsp of hot water.
  4. Prepare 400 ml of milk.

Dalgona coffee is a whipped frothy coffee that's made from instant coffee and sugar, then put on milk. It's called dalgona because the fluffy creamy coffee looks like dalgona candy, a candy from South. Dalagona Coffee is my personal favourite! Serve with hot or cold milk of choice and you've got yourself a fluffy.

Dalagona coffee step by step

  1. Add the instant coffee, sugar and hot water to a medium mixing bowl. Using an electric hand-held mixer, whip the coffee mixture until it is light brown, fluffy and holds stiff peaks when the whisk is removed..
  2. Heat the milk, if desired, and divide between two heatproof glasses. Spoon dollops of the frothed coffee mixture on top and smooth out with a spoon. Serve..

Dalgona Coffee was inspired by an Indian and Pakistani coffee beverage that was well-known around the sub-continent, but not really popular outside of it. The beverage is made by whipping up equal. Dalgona Coffee is a type of instant coffee drink prepared by whipping together instant coffee, granulated white sugar and hot water until stiff then topped over hot or cold glass of milk. See recipes for Dalagona coffee, Dalagona Coffee / Cold Coffee too. Nestlé classic coffee•sugar•Milk•hot water•choco powder•Ice cubes.

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